Here rest 222 men, we will remember them.


'Lest we forget' is a beautiful, somewhat old-fashioned sounding statement that is often used around Remembrance Day and Operation Market Garden. But when you think about it, it is actually a statement that has lost nothing of value and therefore is still very relevant today. Every day we see the images of wars and terrorism in the media. The commemoration of the Second World War and its victims is therefore more than just a fine tradition.


Every year on the 4th of May we review the liberation of Bergeijk and Valkenswaard that took place on 17 September, but on this date we also focus on the many victims of wars. At various places in our communities wreaths are laid and stories are being told. But throughout the year we also have a physical place, the cemetery where we can give our children a perception of what happened. War and violence are not something that only affects us at a distance. We must never forget that. It is part of our past and that is why it contributes to how we live today.


It is great to see and experience that the volunteers of the Foundation Erfgoed 40-45 work together with other volunteers and other foundations to keep the idea of ​​what happened during the war in honor by taking good care of the cemetery and tell the story. We, mayors of Bergeijk and Valkenswaard are proud of all these volunteers.


Arinda Callewaert                                                 Anton Ederveen

Mayor Bergeijk                                                     Mayor Valkenswaard